Update: Zoom Interview Background Advice

I wanted to thank everyone for the advice they offered! This is what I ended up going with for my background, rearranging some books, removing some Lego sets (keep in mind the camera cuts things out so the lower shelves and the x wing are not visible). The interview went well, and we spent a good amount of it talking about our favorite video games because he had his PS5 set up in his background, keep in mind this isn’t really a nerd esque type job!

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes, and I’d love to have folks share what their office set ups look like! I love to show off my collection because it’s an amalgamation of things and people I love, and it all comes together to show who I am. I definitely think if I get offered the job I’ll slowly reincorporate more fun and goofy things.

Author: Sea-Ad7931