Unemployed, graduated in December in Business administration. No actual work experience since 2022. Idk what jobs I should apply to as Ive been rejected from most. I feel like a failure and Im behind.

I want to educate myself more and continue learning. I feel that my days are being wasted on social media. The more time I have on my hands the more unproductive I find myself being. It’s hard to get out of this routine. Maybe I’m depressed and I don’t know it or I have adhd as I find it very hard to focus. I have business ideas but no sense of guidance on what to do next. Also have no money to fund the business idea. Now I’m considering law school and researching LSAT and school requirements. I don’t love the idea of law 100% and it seems like to go that route you should be passionate. I like it, but don’t love it. I feel SO lost because I want to grow as a person and in education/careers but having no job makes me feel like a failure. I’m hiding my feelings but I cry about it every night. I don’t know what to do. I’m 27 so it just makes it even worse knowing my peers are far more experienced.

Author: Antique_Bag_1131