Getting Ghosted Post -Interview

Hello, 24F here, I completed my Master's in English last year and have been mostly unemployed since, aside from a brief freelancing position. For months, I focused on gaining admission to a PhD program, only to realize later that the job market post-PhD is quite challenging. I decided to switch my career path and started applying to various positions on LinkedIn. I've lost count of the assignments and tests I've taken and the interviews I've attended.

Last Friday, I interviewed for a job (Instructional Designing) I was genuinely interested in. After several levels of screenings, assignments, and tests, I was hopeful. The interview board mentioned they would contact me for further rounds soon, but I've heard nothing since. I reached out to the hiring team for a follow-up but received no response. I know I should move on, but it's disheartening to put in so much effort only to be ghosted. I am seriously worried at this point. No recruiters are willing to give me a feedback on why I lose jobs after coming so far in the recruitment process. I don't know what's influencing their decision.

If there's someone who has been in such situations, help me out.

Author: komorebi_888