Fkn recruiters man

Ok so I apply for a job on indeed. Recruiter gets back to me. I interview she says the company wants to hire me based on her recommendation. Never interviewed with the actual company, only the recruiter. Sends offer letter and everything. So final step is background check. Well after a week it still hasn’t come back. I called to ask what’s taking so long. She then informs me that any misdemeanors will disqualify. Well I have misdemeanors. So later I go on indeed and see the company that was gonna hire me (the actual company, not the recruiting agency) posted the same job. At the bottom of the job posting it plainly stated “applicants with criminal record are encouraged to apply”. wtf. What’s your guys take on this? Why would a recruiter misinform me? Long story short I just applied directly to the actual company. Curious what ur guys take on this is. It’s 30/hr job down the street from me. Really want this damn job

Author: AdEquivalent5964