Bombed an interview with Shark tank group test

Signed up for a call centre role, wanted to expose myself to sales, got overnight to go over potential interview questions.

Interview the next day, 9 of us attended. Hiring manager did presentation.

Then she got us into group of 3 people per group. Our test was to come up with creative product and pitch (like Shark tank or Dragon's Den). My group came up with space flight idea and came up with price structure.

Our group was first to pitch.
I put my hand up to go first to get get the experience out sooner rather than later.
I first presented the product and could immediately hear the ummms and errrs, and got the price structure wrong. Then had one of the team mates correct me and then the last team member was just articulating and expressing ideas so well. At this point I knew I was rejected.

The other two groups had really impressive speakers as well. Even though I was the worst out of all of them, I could not help but be in awe of their speaking abilities.

What I came away with is how important communication and selling? as a skill is. I want to work on this. I'm thinking some sort of group activities that force me to collect thoughts, and express. Toastmasters come to mind, improv is fun but can be all over the place. I've never taken communication courses other than what I had to take for uni.

How about you all? Have you come across this in your life or interviews? For those of you who have been in similar situation, what have you done about it and what changes have noticed?

Author: supaari